Syllabus and Course Outline
rev 7/21


Note: This course is designed to be taken FIRST in a series of three courses:
Automated Air Reservations 15-30 hrs
Automated Air Fares and Tickets 15-30 hrs
Automated Car Rental and Hotel Accommodations 10-15 hrs


15 - 30 Hours
Become proficient in the automation systems used by airlines and their authorized agents. Learn and practice the basic functions of Sabre® as used by travel professionals to plan and book air travel. Create multiple PNRs (Passenger Name Records) as you master the basics of booking and maintaining your clients' air travel. Exercises and drills will improve your proficiency and speed. You will use RTS©, a hands-on simulation off Sabre® in conjunction with the online tutorial. The full RTS© Sabre® simulation program includes three courses available in a U.S. version and a Canadian version.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Encode and decode city/airport and airline codes
  • Display, interpret and sell from Availability Displays
  • Create, file, modify, change and cancel PNRs using mandatory and optional fields
Successful completion of all Reviews, Exercises, Drills and Final Exam.
Each lesson includes an online Review and Exercise to increase application skill.

Lesson   1 -  Introduction (8 pages)
Lesson   2 -  Overview of GDSs, CRSs and RTS© (7 pages)
Lesson   3 -  Information Systems Within Sabre® (8 pages)
Lesson   4 -  Availability and Sell (9 pages)
Lesson   5 -  Itinerary Field (8 pages)
Lesson   6 -  Summary and Drill (6 pages)
Lesson   7 -  Mandatory Fields (13 pages)
Lesson   8 -  Summary and Drill (6 pages)
Lesson   9 -  Optional Fields (10 pages)
Lesson  10 -  OSI and SSR (15 pages)
Lesson  11 -  Seats (11 pages)
Lesson  12 -  Modifications (6 pages)
Lesson  13 -  Queues (8 pages)
Lesson  14 -  Summary and Drill (14 pages)
Final Exam

The maximum time to complete this course will be sent to you by your instructor. This automated course has 9 exercises, 11 reviews and 1 final exam. This course is time-consuming as you utilize a simulated automated reservations system as well as the lessons. Plan to use your Quick Reference to help you memorize the entries. Each assignments takes 1 to 3 hours.