Syllabus and Course Outline

30 Hours
Have you always dreamed of traveling the world and getting paid to do it? Or do you have specific knowledge or interests you can share with others? Put your dreams and interests to work for you! This timely course is designed to assist you, the travel professional, in becoming a small group tour leader. Determine if you have the skills, knowledge, abilities and traits you need to be an effective tour leader. Study tour leader roles and responsibilities. Learn conflict-resolution skills and prepare to manage a tour group. See how to polish your resume and market yourself to find a tour leader position within the industry and become a "Leader of the Pack."
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Define and differentiate between the different kinds of tour leaders and guides
  • Understand the various roles and duties of a tour leader
  • Prepare checklists and organizational tools to assist you in your duties
  • Update your resume to market yourself as a tour leader within the industry
  • Establish effective communication with the tour group for successful negotiation and conflict resolution
  • List and apply the seven "energy states" of creative problem solving
  • Understand the group process, how each individual can impact the group, and your role in each stage of group development
  • List and define ten group leadership skills
  • Apply your group leadership skills to solve problems and resolve conflicts that may arise within the group
Successful completion of all What Do You Think?, Stop, Review and Apply exercises and Exam. Participation in discussion area of all "What Would You Do?" items.
Each Lesson generally includes: one or more What Do You Think? that require some independent research and application and one or more "What Would You Do?" that provides asynchronous interaction with fellow students and your instructor. There is also an exercise called "Stop, Review and Apply" which will test your knowledge and understanding of each section.

Section 1 - Tour Leader Roles and Responsibilities (12 pages)

Why People Travel in Small Groups?
Different Types of Leaders and Guides
Who Would Employ a Tour Leader?
What are the Roles of the Tour Leader?
General Duties
Promoting the Good Tourist
Specific Duties
Stop, Review and Apply
Section 2 - Conflict and Problem Solving (4 pages)
Handling Conflict
The Creative Problem Solving Process
Stop, Review and Apply Exercise
Section 3 - Managing Tour Groups (10 pages)
Small Group Process
Phases of Group Development
Tour Leader's Role in Group Development
Group Leadership Skills
Stop, Review and Apply
The maximum time to complete this course will be sent to you by your instructor. To be completed in that time are 6 items called "What Do You Think?" and 3 Stop, Review and Apply exercises, each of which requires responses to your instructor/course administrator. There are 6 required discussion items, called "What Would You Do?", which are discussed with your instructor and other students. The final exam will be graded and the results will be available in your student record.