Syllabus and Course Outline

(Car Rental and Rail Travel)
15 - 30 Hours
You will find car rental a relatively simple product to sell and book and commissions are reasonable. Some seventy percent of North Americans travel by car while vacationing. Learn the basics of the product, policies, procedures, codes, pricing and distribution. Rail travel recaptures the image of a different time and appeals to many leisure travelers. This study focuses on Amtrak, VIA Rail, BritRail and Eurail, the types of train accommodations, services and fare structure.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain four qualifications a client must meet to rent a car
  • Name three criteria for authorized drivers of a rental car
  • Decode/encode car codes
  • Name and explain rate plans, categories and extra charges
  • Read and interpret GDS displays for car rentals
  • Explain procedures for reservations, rental counter, and returns
  • Discuss five features and benefits of rail travel
  • Explain Eurail, BritRail, VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak classes, services, accommodations and rates
  • Interpret Thomas Cook Timetables, Amtrak Timetable, and GDS displays for Amtrak and for VIA Rail
Successful Completion of all Stop, Review and Applies, Challenges, and Exams.
Each lesson includes an online Review (Stop, Review and Apply) and some also include one Challenge that requires independent research and application.

Lesson   1 - Car Rental Preferences and Qualifications (6 pages)
Lesson   2 - Car Rental Companies and Car Types (5 pages)
Lesson   3 - Car Rental Rates (8 pages)
Lesson   4 - Car Rental Distribution System (7 pages)
Lesson   5 - Car Rental Reservations and Procedures (12 pages)
Lesson   6 - Car Rental Review (9 pages)
Lesson   7 - Rail Travel Appeal (8 pages)
Lesson   8 - Eurail and BritRail (10 pages)
Lesson   9 - Amtrak (13 pages)
Lesson 10 - VIA Rail Canada (9 pages)
Lesson 11 - Rail Travel Review (5 pages)

The maximum time to complete this course will be sent to you by your instructor. The course includes 6 Challenges, 9 Stop, Review and Applies, and 2 Exams. This course requires more time because there are two major subjects involved with multiple assignments. Each assignment takes approximately an hour. Plan 1 to 2 hours for each review.