Syllabus and Course Outline
rev 8/20


20 - 30 Hours
Students will be provided with the tools needed to plan effective special events. Venues, vendors and contracts will be discussed. The role of event planning committees and using volunteers will be explored as well as marketing and communications and on-site management.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify different types of special events
  • List locations where special events are held in your community
  • Name reasons why people or organizations hold special events
  • List drawbacks to hosting your event in a hotel
  • List features of hosting your event in a civic institution venue
  • Understand what items may be included in venue rental fees
  • Explain the importance of a written budget
  • Identify different income streams for special events
  • Identify expense categories for special events
  • Identify event vendors for which a contract may need to be signed
  • List ways to negotiate the contract terms
  • Understand why contracts should be read and understood fully before signed
  • Identify resources for finding event décor and design ideas and inspiration
  • Define "event décor" and describe different ways to incorporate design into your special event
  • Identify challenges in working with volunteer committees in the event planning process
  • Learn tools to manage the tasks of event planning
  • Learn why volunteer committee framework is important
  • Identify ways to market your event
  • Define marketing as it relates to special events
  • Identify types of special event marketing - including low or no-cost options
  • Identify reasons it is important to capture participant information for your event
  • List why technology should be considered as a resource for event registration
  • Name one tool that can be used on-site during an event to keep all of the details organized
Successful completion of the assignment, quizzes and final exam. The assignment is to attend a special event and evaluate it according to objectives discussed in the course. You will receive a welcome letter from your instructor which will include greater details of grading criteria.
Each Lesson includes learning activities called Try It, and a quiz. The activities will ask you to complete independent research and application and consider various ideas. They are for your own learning; they are not submitted for a grade. There is a final comprehensive exam.

Lesson   1 -  Special Event Types (16 pages)
Lesson   2 -  Special Event Venues (15 pages)
Lesson   3 -  Special Event Budgets (16 pages)
Lesson   4 -  Vendors and Contracts (15 pages)
Lesson   5 -  Event Design & Décor (15 pages)
Lesson   6 -  Working with Volunteers & Task Management (15 pages)
Lesson   7 -  Marketing & Communication (13 pages)
Lesson   8 -  Event Registration and On-Site Event Management (16 pages)

The maximum time to complete this course, if not included in your welcome letter, will be sent to you by your instructor. To be completed in that time: the learning activities, 1 assignment, 8 quizzes and 1 final exam. The final exam is 50 questions long and can be completed within 2 hours. All reviews and assignments are submitted electronically to your instructor with results returned via email.