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FAQ for Tourism and Travel Certificates

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What is the Travel Agency Operations certificate (1047) and for what kind of jobs will it prepare me?
This certificate gives you an overview of some travel sectors serviced by a travel agency. Courses cover topics such as cruise, land transportation like rail and car rental, hotels, vacation tours, and air travel. These are introductory courses that will enable a student to obtain an entry-level job in a travel-related industry. Students can apply for a job in a leisure travel selling vacation travel, in a corporate travel catering to a business traveler, in a consolidator company selling air travel, in a call centre, and others. Students will learn one of the major reservations systems enabling her/him to also work for an airline reservation department. As with all programs, this is your first step in entering this exciting field. Further and continuous education is required to stay current in this fast-paced and ever changing industry.

What is the difference between the Travel Agency Operations certificate (1047) and Travel Basics (1403) and Airline Products and Distribution (1404)?
The simple answer is - NOTHING. Notice that the number of courses and the type of courses are identical. To accommodate different student needs the main Travel Agency Operations certificate was split into a general travel and specialized air travel certificates. Some students with travel background would like to update their skills in airline products but others might have just a general interest in travel. Those that already enrolled in Travel Agency Operations and want to work in the travel industry should continue with their courses. Those who are just enrolling can decide if they want to get a Travel Basics certificate after completing TRAV139 through TRAV147 courses, or if they want to continue for the full Travel Operations certificate.

When courses start?
Humber has continuous intake for T&T online programs. You can start any time it is convenient for you. Humber's registration dates shown on the website are semester dates where your course will be listed (for example Fall or Winter semester) but we monitor registrations and will contact you within few days with your course information.

How do I register?
If you are a brand new student to Humber College, please call our registrar's office at 416 675 5005 and set up your student account. At that time you will be given a student number. With this student number you have several options for you to register for a course: online, phone, etc. These are listed with instructions once you select the course.

For existing students, just use your student number to register.

You also must contact the Open Learning Centre upon registration and fax the consent letter, as specified on our main website.
The consent letter can be printed from the following website:

Print the letter, complete it and fax it to the number indicated on the form. This letter needs to be faxed only once for all courses within one certificate.

How much does it cost?
Each course has a two-credit value, and currently costs approximately $175. For current rates, please check our website. Please note that once you are given login for the course, fees become fully non-refundable.

Are there any textbook costs involved?
No, all material is provided in the course and on the Internet. All tests and assignments are completed online with no additional costs.

I've never taken an online course. How can I tell if it is suitable for me?
You will want to refer to the following website to help you determine if your learning skills and personal habits are compatible with online learning: Also, enroll only in one course at a time to see if online learning is for you.

Do I have to apply through the Ontario College Application Centre?
No. Students are required to apply through OCAS only for full-time diploma programs.

What is the enrolment and registration procedure? Registration is available online, visit, or in person, or by phone at 416.675.5005. Once you've paid and registered, download a consent letter (see above), sign it and fax it to 416.674.5811, attention Sandy. The Privacy Act requires Humber to obtain your signature to give information to a third party, such as the online company running these courses, and teachers who work outside of Humber. Only information outlined in this letter will be released, as required.

Are the courses listed in the order they must be taken?
This order is suggested for the first seven courses; however, you can take them in any order. This is different for the last five courses. Because each course is a prerequisite for the next, that order must be maintained to avoid confusion.

Would I have to travel to Humber for any tests or exams?
No. All assignments and tests/exams are submitted online. Your teacher will communicate with you regarding your progress.

Can I take more than one course at a time?
Yes, you can take more than one course in the first part of the program (TRAV 139 to TRAV 146) but it is strongly suggested to take only one course at a time, especially if you are just enrolling for the first time in an online program. Online learning is not for everyone and it is a good idea to try it first to see if your learning style fits online learning. You may want to refer to the following website to help you determine if your learning skills and personal habits are compatible with online learning:
Please note that once you start a course, it becomes fully non-refundable. Also, some latter courses have prerequisites and cannot be taken at the same time.

Can I apply credit(s) for courses taken in Humber's Retail Operations Certificate - Program 1045 towards Travel Agency Operations Online Certificate - Program 1047?
Yes you can. You need to complete an exemption application and submit it to the Registrar's Office. However, please note, the online courses cannot be used as credits towards the Retail Operations.

Is the online certificate recognized by the industry? Can I eventually go for certification?
Yes, the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors recognizes it by giving one education credit for each course (to a maximum of 12) in the Certified Travel Counsellor certification program. Upon completion of the Travel Agency Operations certificate program and further practical experience, you may pursue CITC certification towards CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor). For further information on the certification, please see

Can I obtain The Tour Specialist certificate (1405) by just taking additional two courses?
Yes. If you have completed Travel Basics or Travel Agency Operations certificates, you just need to complete TRAV148 and TRAV149 for the additional certificate.

Program 1405 Tour Specialist is designed for those interested in creating and/or leading tours.

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